HiFX or TransferWise – either will serve you well in the long haul!

HiFX and TransferWise, among other currency companies, offer great payment administration. In the event that you need to send cash to another country, they will do it for you effectively, moderate, fast, and advantageously. They are respectable and there is a considerable measure of positive audits from the individuals who have used their services in recent times.

In case you’re in United Kingdom, USA, Canada and numerous different nations, you can without much of a stretch send cash to another country. Another great option is TransferWise, which was recently reviewed by TransferGuides. Regardless of your decision, with a little bit of research, you’re sure to find a winner among these two companies.

In the event that you manage different national currency denominations for your business, then you will require a proficient method for cash exchange. You should be prudent to shield your business from the effects of fluctuating outside money trade rates. Consequently, it bodes well to look for the administrations of an expert cash exchange master.

In the end, you need to arrive at a money trade supplier that you are pleased with. When you have, the procedure is basic and will include rounding out some direct structures, which for some suppliers should be possible. A decent supplier will be open about terms and conditions and any additional costs that could be accumulated.

It is conceivable with a few organizations, to settle a normal remote conversion scale if this makes you feel more secure. Be that as it may, there might be times when the genuine cash trade rates are less expensive. The administrations can give guaranteed cash exchange rates subsequent to having taken after the procedure once, continuous exchanges will be snappy and simple to finish.

Save a ton of time by sending your global cash exchanges with HiFX or TransferWise. Additionally, make exchanges and track installments wherever you have admittance to the web. Deal with your worldwide cash exchanges when it suits you and advantage from exceedingly focused online remote trade rates – which will effectively save you cash on every single exchange.

No shrouded charges – add up to straightforwardness and the most minimal expenses around sparing you cash on every last exchange you make. An assortment of installment techniques including platinum card, Visa and electronic wire exchanges, are available to suit your prerequisites.

Very little exchange expenses for measures of £3,000 or more. This does exclude the cost of you exchanging the assets to HiFX or TransferWise, and does not include any charges brought about where the assets being sent are in an alternate money to the goal ledger.

Is TransferWise right for you? A comprehensive review for businesses in the Tennessee Valley

When you need to trade money without the over-the-top charges from banks, a shared peer to peer exchange is a reasonable alternative. TransferWise is one of these services. So, how does it work? It basically lets you trade different currencies freely with similar people looking to swap money in the opposite direction, all without being associated with the rigid banking framework.

At the point when the idea was conceived by two young Estonian entrepreneurs, many venture capitalists threw their weight behind the organization. The VCs weren’t just any old lot, they comprised of PayPal’s key players, Peter Thiel and Max Levchin. Later on financiers such as are VALAR Wanders, Kima Ventures, and List Wander also came on board.

TransferWise has a basic methodology at heart. Assume you require Sterling Pounds when moving to the United Kingdom from Australia, and someone else needs Australian dollars when leaving the UK for the land Down Under. TransferWise lets you swap the currencies between the two of you, so everyone gets the money they need. The exchange is done online where both of you are subjected to as little charge as possible for processing the transaction.

Also, the financial service regulators authorise TransferWise to foreign exchange transactions pretty much as conventional banks do. In 2012, the TransferWise made exchanges totalling over €10 million, allowing clients save almost €500,000 in bank expenses. In 2014, self-made millionaire Sir Richard Branson supported the organization with an additional $25 million in funding.

By the end of 2014, TransferWise’s payments to customers exceeded €1.5 billion, saving over €55 million in fees. With an average transfer cost of only 0.5%, TransferWise has become a very effective solution for anyone looking to send money to their friends and family. It has become so effective, in fact, that many businesses are also taking advantage of their service.

TransferWise has also received praise in the media. When the company launched in 2012, TechCrunch named TransferWise as a start-up to watch; and it’s hardly any surprise why! Following this in 2013, TransferWise took out the top spot in a local Estonian e-commerce competition.

There is arguably no other cash exchange service as straight-forward as TransferWise. There are no concealed charges by any means, as it uses the official mid-market exchange rate. Small exchanges under £200 are charged just 0.5%, making it one of the most cost-effective services available to the public. They also offer your first payment absolutely free!Its closest competitor is probably CurrencyFair, which provides a similar marketplace service. In my experience, CurrencyFair is most effective for larger scale transfers in the tens of thousands of dollars. Both, however, provide clear and distinctive benefits over

Its closest competitor is probably CurrencyFair, which provides a similar marketplace service. In my experience, CurrencyFair is most effective for larger scale transfers in the tens of thousands of dollars. Both, however, provide clear and distinctive benefits over using the banks!When you get started with TransferWise, you can expect you payment to take 2 to 3 days to arrive at its final destination. While this may be a little annoying for some, it is a small period of time to wait considering the huge cost advantages it provides over its

When you get started with TransferWise, you can expect you payment to take 2 to 3 days to arrive at its final destination. While this may be a little annoying for some, it is a small period of time to wait considering the huge cost advantages it provides over its competitors.

Take a look at what some of their customers have said on TrustPilot:

  • “Reliable, fast, cheap” – Davide
  • “The money arrived when it was supposed to and there were no hidden fees. Very transparent and just works. I did a pretty sizable transfer too (6 digits), and everything worked great.” – Steven
  • “Its easy, fast and secure” – Geoffery
  • “Hard to see how this service could be improved any further” – Richard

Last but not least, TransferWise’s services are totally secure. Exchanging money can be a hazardous activity, and you need to know who to trust. You never know when thieves are waiting in the shadows. But don’t worry, with TransferWise your money is safe and sound.I recommend that you give TransferWise

I recommend that you give TransferWise a chance today and you’ll be happy that you did.

10 reasons why TransferWise is the next big thing in foreign exchange

TransferWise is a simple and effective way of sending money to your international friends. Here are 10 reasons why you should be using them to save a tonne of money.

  1. They offer the best exchange rates with a guarantee. TransferWise offers fair and competitive foreign exchange services. In fact, they guarantee that you will get the best rate on the market.
  2. Low costs. TransferWise provide the lowest cost service compared with other exchange rate companies and they charge one low fee of 0.5 percent of the amount transferred.
  3. Supports all currencies worldwide. The company supports the transfer of more than 27 currencies worldwide. Some of the currencies include the US Dollar, Mexico Peso, Polish Zloty and more.
  4. They will accept large and small amounts of money. You can send and receive amounts from as little a few Dollars.
  5. Simple and easy transfer process. Delivery of the international money is easy, simple, and fast. Customers can send money to any place in the world in just 4 easy steps. Just visit the TransferWise website to get started.
  6. Fast. Transferring your money is super fast. It can take 2-3 days from start to finish. Customers are updated by email notifications. Transaction status can be obtained at a click of a button
  7. Save money while on the move. You can transfer your currencies using your smartphone because TransferWise offers a mobile app that you can download free of charge.
  8. TransferWire is supported by a large number of investors. Many successful, world-class investors have backed this money transfer site. TransferWise continues to expand its services into new markets. The founders even obtain expert advice from the co-founder of Paypal. Additionally, TransferWise’s investors take the bold step of meeting its new customers, so they know that they are receiving efficient transfer of their money.
  9. Your funds will be safe here. You can entrust your hard earned money with this company. TransferWise assures customers that their money is in good hands and is guaranteed. This company is licensed and insured to serve any transfer of money. You will surely have a happy experience transferring money here.
  10. TransferWise is trusted by clients worldwide. You will be assured of no-frills services whilst transferring foreign exchange. TransferWise received more than 16,000 comments and positive reviews online. After trying their excellent money transfer services, then you can submit your own online reviews help others decide the best money transfer site too.


As you can see, there is a lot going for this new currency transfer business. If you want to get more bang for your buck on your next transfer, check out TransferWise.

CurrencyFair review

When you need to trade coin without bringing about the strong charges from banks, a distributed exchange is a practical choice. How can it work? You just trade monetary standards freely with similarly invested people without being associated with a focal framework. As you purchase coin that different people are offering, you could profit by preferable trade rates over those charged by banks. Save money on the enormous bank rates today and spend the cash on an occasion this merry season!

CurrencyFair regulation

CurrencyFair shared trade works in a straightforward strategy. Assume you require Sterling Pounds while going to United Kingdom from Australia and someone else needs Australian dollars when leaving the UK for the Aussie. You would essentially trade your Australian dollars for his sterling pounds. The exchange is done online where both of you are subjected to a little expense for encouraging the administration. CurrencyFair is habitually contrasted and TransferWise, for check this CurrencyFair versus TransferWise survey.

Organization diagram

Headquartered in Ireland, CurrencyFair is an online coin trade commercial center with branches in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Poland. Three musketeers-Sean Barrett, Jonathan Potter, and David Christian established it in 2009. It is ideal for exiles who need to send or get cash from their separate nations.

Before the end of October 2014, the organization had made a total exchange of € 1.2 billion where clients spared around € 60 million that they would have brought about in bank charges. You could likewise exploit the low CurrencyFair trade rates today. You will be charged 0.15% of the sum you trade with different clients. What’s more, there is a settled exchange charge of GBP 3.

CurrencyFair safe operation

The Central Bank of Ireland registers and directs the operations so you wont stress over the other individual vanishing with your cash. In a perfect world, assets are safely held in isolated records. For your exchange to produce results, you need to stack what might as well be called what you are exchanging.

The individual on the flip side does as such too whereupon the organization moves the money into your particular financial balances. There might be irregular deferrals, yet this doesn’t mean your cash has been lost.

Points of interest

To what extent does CurrencyFair take to exchange cash? It takes a most extreme of two days for money to ponder your record. Contrasted with banks, this is an impressively brief time of sending cash in an alternate money abroad. Truth be told, banks can take upwards of seven days to send cash to another country.

Another point of interest is the way that you don’t need to deal with a specialist to bring the trade rates down as the rates are as of now diminished. While the day by day turnover and the quantity of clients in a commonplace day are not known, the organization has more than 57 million clients over the world. This implies you will discover endless clients with the money for which you have to trade yours.

Another advantage is that you could be remunerated liberally when you allude your companions to utilize the administration. At the point when the alluded individual makes an exchange of over GBP 400, you are compensated with coupons. On the other hand, you could acquire the benefit of a free move in your future exchange.


One of CurrencyFair issues is that you won’t utilize the customary charge cards, bank drafts, and checks, as it is an online coin trade stage. Rather, you need a few financial balances enrolled in the monetary standards that will normally be included in the exchange. Moreover, the administration does not send money to crypto cash or Bitcoin organizations. In the event that you look at CurrencyFair versus TransferWise, the last is more helpful as it charges an expense of 0.5% for little exchanges of £300-£1000. Also, it utilizes a viable business sector swapping scale.

CurrencyFair Review

“This organization gives by a long shot the best rate of trade for sums over £3000. You can in a split second trade the cash, no sticking around for it to get managed by a human.”

“I can’t remark on the client administration as I didn’t needed to utilize this, yet would prescribe this organization to everybody I know.”

“Moved home from Australia and had all my assessment back to exchange. The banks were going to charge me a couple of hundred euro yet this administration did that at a tenth of the cost!”


The physical trade of enormous aggregates of cash is hazardous. You never know when thieves are wanting to confront individuals in the lanes. In this way, CurrencyFair charges are a superb arrangement. As of now, it offers exchanges in 20 unique monetary standards. Look at to see whether your favored monetary forms are incorporated. If not, they ought to be sooner rather than later.

Step-by-step instructions for sending money from the Tennessee Valley to Mexico with TransferWise

Want the best deal on sending money from the Tennessee Valley to Mexico? Take a look at how I do it in my step-by-step guide below.

When you visit the TransferWise website, you’re met with this easy to use interface. Create an account by clicking “sign up” to begin. This is a great way to make payments to friends, family or service providers in another country.

When you decide to make a transfer, select your required currencies and specify the amount to be sent. The TransferWise system will give you quote. If you’re happy to move on, go to the next step. If you’re not quite ready, you might like to check out this comprehensive review of TransferWise.

In this example, I’d like to send a $200 payment to Mexico. As you can see, I will receive 3,742.90 Mexican Pesos in return. You may also note that I’m going to save a bunch of money on fees, in fact only paying $3.

Now, I’m ready to provide my personal details to get the deal done. Name, address, email, phone number? Check. Am I sending my money from a business account? Not this time.

Time to put in the recipient’s details. I’m sending my money to a friend named Jose, so I enter Jose’s full name and contact information, including his bank details.

That’s the data entry complete. To keep the ball rolling, I’ll arrange payment of my U.S. Dollars into TransferWise’s American accounts using a bank transfer, Visa or Mastercard.

With our work out of the way, the rest is up to TransferWise. They’ll accept my U.S. Dollars and pay out my friend, Jose, in Mexican Pesos from their Mexican accounts.

I’ll know that the who process is complete once I’ve received a confirmation email from TransferWise, letting me know that the mission was a success.

Finally, if I was happy with TransferWise’s service, I can elect to share my experience on social media. As a referral bonus, I will receive a cash payment for anyone I get to sign up.

Thanks for reading. All the best!