Step-by-step instructions for sending money from the Tennessee Valley to Mexico with TransferWise

Want the best deal on sending money from the Tennessee Valley to Mexico? Take a look at how I do it in my step-by-step guide below.

When you visit the TransferWise website, you’re met with this easy to use interface. Create an account by clicking “sign up” to begin. This is a great way to make payments to friends, family or service providers in another country.

When you decide to make a transfer, select your required currencies and specify the amount to be sent. The TransferWise system will give you quote. If you’re happy to move on, go to the next step. If you’re not quite ready, you might like to check out this comprehensive review of TransferWise.

In this example, I’d like to send a $200 payment to Mexico. As you can see, I will receive 3,742.90 Mexican Pesos in return. You may also note that I’m going to save a bunch of money on fees, in fact only paying $3.

Now, I’m ready to provide my personal details to get the deal done. Name, address, email, phone number? Check. Am I sending my money from a business account? Not this time.

Time to put in the recipient’s details. I’m sending my money to a friend named Jose, so I enter Jose’s full name and contact information, including his bank details.

That’s the data entry complete. To keep the ball rolling, I’ll arrange payment of my U.S. Dollars into TransferWise’s American accounts using a bank transfer, Visa or Mastercard.

With our work out of the way, the rest is up to TransferWise. They’ll accept my U.S. Dollars and pay out my friend, Jose, in Mexican Pesos from their Mexican accounts.

I’ll know that the who process is complete once I’ve received a confirmation email from TransferWise, letting me know that the mission was a success.

Finally, if I was happy with TransferWise’s service, I can elect to share my experience on social media. As a referral bonus, I will receive a cash payment for anyone I get to sign up.

Thanks for reading. All the best!